5400 Gallon Water Tank

Buy 5,400 Gallon Water Storage Tanks

5400 Gallon Water Tanks – Shop different types of 5400 Gallon water tanks such as Plastic, Horizontal, and Vertical 5400 water tanks.

5400 gallon water tank

5,400 Gallon Water Storage Tank Dimensions

Capacity Dimensions Weight
5,400 Gallons 142″ Diameter x 91″ Height 750
400 gallon square water tank 66″ 45″ L x 45″ W x 45″ H

On average a 5400 Gallon Water Tank weighs approximately 750lbs. Water weighs 8.3lbs per gallon, so an average 5400 gallon water tank weighs approximately 44,820lbs when full.

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